The People's Princess -  A sketch created by Danish artist Poul R. Weile

“I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them.”
- Princess Diana

2017 marks the twentieth year since the tragic passing of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales in a tragic car accident in Paris. Inspired by Lady Di’s legacy as ‘The People’s Princess’, Danish sculptor Poul R. Weile (based in Berlin) has created an equestrian statue to commemorate this truly inspirational woman. Creator Poul envisions the sculpture to be situated in a public place where it is easily accessible, so it can be experienced and enjoyed by all.

Why an Equestrian Statue?
Traditionally, equestrian statues are erected in tribute and special honour of rulers or military commanders such as emperors, kings, and generals; men who have honoured their country by winning wars that’ve cost many lives.

However, interestingly, there are only 36 equestrian statues of women in the world and the vast majority of these have focused on the woman as a passive object where only her beauty is praised, not her courage nor strength.

Poul R. Weile’s idea of creating an equestrian statue of Lady Diana derives from his passion to honour a woman, and he believes that it’s time to pay tribute to a woman for her social impact. 

Portraying a Strong and Confident Woman
The Princess of Wales was renowned for her pioneering charity work and was an active board member of around 160 charities. Viewed and admired as one of the world's most beautiful women, Lady Di used her extensive media coverage to draw attention to the organisations she supported.

Poul R. Weile's equestrian statue of Lady Di honours a woman who, through her active efforts, worked tirelessly to improve the lives of many challenged and underprivileged people around the world. It presents an active, proud, and confident woman. A woman who is at ease with herself, aware of her own strength and importance; a woman burning for her cause. 

The Sculpture
The sculpture sees Lady Diana seated on a nickel-plated horse wearing a blue dress and blue shoes. In her right hand she holds a flame, and through use of VR technology, the flame simulates real fire when being photographed or filmed with a smartphone. In her left hand, she holds a convex mirror in which viewers are able to see themselves.

The horse Diana sits on is a paraphrase of a toy horse that has been in artist Poul’s possession since childhood, he says it is possibly also is the reason why he decided to become a sculptor later in life. The horse is nickel-plated-blank and is suspended over the roof of an abstract concrete car which is located on top of a glass car. The horse stands on three recurring (constant) posts of stainless steel which pierce both cars and are visible through the glass car. 

In total, the sculpture measures about 6 meters high and 5 meters long. The majority of the sculpture will be crafted in Berlin, as will the bronze which is being cast at Kunstgießerei & Galerie Flierl in Weissensee.