The Project

This is the first video showing Poul R. Weile working on his equestrian statue of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. The finished Memorial will stand 6 meters high and be casted in bronze, concrete and glass.

The Sketch for the Equestrian Statue of Lady Diana is now in wax and Poul R. Weile is retouching before it goes in the kiln.
Soon it will be cast in Bronze. The technique is called Cire Perdue - the lost-wax process. The wax-figure is cast in a form, which is heated in a kiln to burn the wax away.

This is the third video of the cast at Kunstgießerei & Galerie Flierl in Berlin. 

Here's a glimpse of how The People's Princess sketch is coming together. 

 The People's Princess is not just another conventional equestrian statue, and therefore warrants a distinctive plinth two stand upon. 

Poul Weile created The People's Princess sculpture in the hope that it will facilitate a wider discussion of common threads running through today's society. What are you're thoughts on the project?


The Team

Meet Poul - the artist and brains behind this remarkable project!

Meet Qais - the team's Marketing Coordinator and German Press contact.

Meet Lianray - the team's Visual Designer and English Press contact.

Meet Rikke - the Artist Assistant.

Meet Clara - the team's Communications Manager.