Poul R. Weile


Poul is the brains behind this remarkable project, and highly values the importance of sharing his expertise with the rest of the team. The People’s Princess is a project close to Poul’s heart and one that he aspires for all to embrace.


Rikke Bank

Artist Assistant

Rikke is an all-round superstar, working closely with Poul and the team to manage and organise the day-to-day workload of The People’s Princess project. She is also the project’s eyes and ears, taking charge of our online social community.


Qais Anwarzay

Marketing Coordinator / Press Contact (German)

Qais is passionate about finding solutions to make everyone's life easier, and manages all marketing activities regarding The People’s Princess project. He is actively working on executing our campaign in order to realise this incredible project.


Clara Sune Buch

Communications Manager

Clara is a thoughtful and creative individual who brings a dynamic approach to conveying the People’s Princess project’s message. She oversees the project’s public relations and also creates and implements materials for press and presentations.


Lianray Pienaar

Visual Designer / Press Contact (English)

Lianray is a curious creative who finds inspiration in everything. By combining her creativity with the team’s concepts, she helps visualize clean and precise visual materials for the People’s Princess Project.